Here’s the simple, smart way LOQBOX builds your credit score.

LOQBOX how it works

LOQBOX helps you build your credit score and save £1,000s on credit cards, loans and mortgages.

Watch this video to find out how LOQBOX works.


Decide what you could save in a year. We lock away a 0% APR loan for that amount in your LOQBOX. Like a digital piggy bank.


Pay off the loan over 12 months, growing your credit score as you go to unlock better borrowing.


Once your loan is repaid, you release every penny into a new bank account for free. Or into an existing account for £30.

Build my credit score

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How much does LOQBOX cost

We get paid when you open a new account with one of our partner banks, helping us keep LOQBOX free for you. But if you’d prefer, you can pay your savings into an existing account for £30 using our Flexi Unlock premium add-on.

How does LOQBOX grow my credit score?

We report your monthly loan repayments to the three credit reference agencies, which shows them you can handle credit and improves your credit worthiness.

How much could I save with a better credit score?

Growing your credit profile can save you thousands on the interest you’ll pay to borrow money – things like credit cards, loans and mortgages. To give you an idea, here’s how much different increases could save you on average.

 +10 points +25 points +50 points
On a £10,000 loan*£219£546£1,088
On a £5,000 credit card balance†£450£1,000£1,750

* 60-month term, starting APR 14.9%APR

† £100 monthly repayment, starting APR 19.95%APR

What do DDC Financial Solutions have to do with it?

They’re our sister finance company, and the people who’ll provide your interest-free loan.

What if I struggle to keep up the monthly payments?

You should quit LOQBOX right away. You’d miss out on growing your credit history, and we’d report your loan as settled debt, but unlocking early is far better than missing a payment, which would harm your credit history.

When will I see the benefit?

Most LOQBOX customers see a real improvement to their credit report after about four payments, with steady growth as they make all 12 monthly payments. It takes a little patience, but the savings you’ll make on credit cards, loans and mortgages are worth it.

Isn’t there a quicker way to a better credit score?

Afraid not. Things like setting up payments with your bank take time, and the credit reference agencies don’t report until 30 days after they hear from us, which is why it takes a few months to see changes.

Is my money safe?

Your savings are held in an independently verified, ring-fenced account with Barclays, meaning it’s totally safe.

Can I crack open my savings any time?

Technically, yes. When you break open your piggy bank, you get back the amount you’ve paid so far. Anything you haven’t paid back is used to settle the outstanding loan, so you can unlock whenever and never be left in debt. But if you haven’t made enough regular payments, unlocking early could harm your credit history.

Could using LOQBOX harm my credit history?

Only if you failed to make your monthly payments, which we’d have to report to the credit reference agencies just like any missed loan repayment. But you can always unlock to avoid missing a payment, so this should never happen.

What if I want to change the size of my LOQBOX payments?

Once you set up a LOQBOX you cannot change the amount you repay nor the payment date. So make sure it’s an amount you can afford every month, and we’d suggest you pick a day when you are most likely to have the money in your account; just after payday, for example.

Build my credit score

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