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Aug 17, 2020

Katy Ringsdore officially joins LOQBOX from August 2020. She joins from digital-only bank

Atom, where she was Head of Media Relations, Internal Communications and Investor

Communications. She reports to LOQBOX’s CEOs and co-founders Tom Eyre and Gregor

Mowat who started LOQBOX in 2017.

Having previously worked at HSBC as Head of Public Relations, she was responsible for

communications across the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Hong Kong, Dubai and South

Africa as well as leading the world’s largest survey of expats.

Earlier in her career she worked as a journalist for almost a decade, writing and presenting

news across multiple sectors including finance, politics and crime, reporting for television

and radio. She has more recently worked for other firms such as GlaxoSmithKline and


LOQBOX said Ringsdore joins the team at an exciting time when they are in the process

of launching the next phase of their FinTech business.

Tom Eyre said: Katy’s obsession with the FinTech revolution and her approach to public

relations and digital media is a perfect fit for us. It’s time for us to start to share our mission

of ending financial exclusion across the world and we know with Katy’s experience we will

get our message out there and help people to live a healthy financial life.

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